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Poll: One-state solution gains ground

פורסם: 25 באפר׳ 2011, 1:35 על ידי: Yehuda Schwartz   [ עודכן 25 באפר׳ 2011, 2:08 ]
A poll Last year (April 2010 - JMCC) found that support for a one-state solution is the highest it has ever been. Nearly 34 percent of respondents favored a binational state in all of historic Palestine over the two state solution, which only 43.9 percent supported.

The decline in support for the two-state solution has persisted since shortly after the start of the Palestinian uprising in September 2000, however, those who favored a binational state were only 20.6 percent in June 2009.

A UN recognition of a Palestinian State in 67 borders next September will not bring any change on the ground. This will cause tremendous frustration.
I bet that the same pol will give a majority for a binational state. In order to escape from an apartheid-like situation, Israel will have only one solution: the Federation!