holy land union  

ארץ הברית  -  تحالف الأرض المقدسة


Our Vision

A unique conflict requires a unique solution

The creation of a state for the Jews, who see themselves as returning from exile, on a land that Palestinian Arabs see as their own, has ignited a conflict that has no precedent.

A unique conflict requires a unique solution.

We have found it. We have to work hard in order to make it real.

There is enough room on the land of Israel-Palestine for both Jewish and Palestinian peoples, but not for two territorial sovereignties that can only deny to the other any existence.

Two peoples, two sovereignties, one land: this impossible equation has been offered two solutions: 

- "The state of all its citizens". 

- "Two state for two people". 

None of those two solutions can succeed.

We propose here a third alternative: the Federation of Israel-Palestine. 

It has a unique structure: "3 4 2 in 1" - Three states for two peoples in one land. One federal state applies supranational sovereignty on the undivided land and over two non-territorial nation-states, each one ruling their own citizens personally, wherever they reside. 

We should not let Religion in the hands of extremists, we have to prevent it from entering into the explosive cocktail it forms with Nationalism.

Personally, I am convinced that this conflict has a deep meaning. It confronts two national sovereignties over the same land, for us to recognize the only true sovereign: the supranational sovereign, Him our traditions call Sovereign of the World, رب العلمين, ריבונו של עולם.

The creation of a supranational federation may be seen as a secular and political translation of this recognition.

Therefore, the Federation may embody the Covenant by which justice and peace will prevail, in the spirit of Abraham our common Father.

Like the conflict itself, this solution has no real precedent, but with your help it will become a living reality… this is OUR MISSION.