Our work Meeting on the 27th October

Post date: 02-Nov-2010 17:14:19

We held our meeting at the Educational Bookshop in Salah El-din street as planned.

See: http://www.educationalbookshop.com

We were four:

- Idan Binshotk

- Marwan Mousa

- Rami Adut

- Myself, Yehuda Schwartz

On the agenda:

- organization and registration of the NGO.

- preparation of the next large meeting.

There were the options: creating 3 associations, one Palestiniian, on Israeli and one joint registered in France, functionning like the Federation.

We decide to make it simple, only one for the beginning, and to register it quickly, leaving the general assembly and board election for later.

For the next meeting we decided to look for a place and for known personalities as speakers with me.

We reach the conclusion that the place should in the Old City or close to it, and have some 40 seats

It could be the French cultural center in salah Eldin, the Peace Center near Jaffa gate, the House of Peace of Sheikh Ibrahim or a few other places.

For the personalities we thought of Prof. Yehuda Shenhav, Meron Benvenisti, Rav Froman or Hassan Jabareen, the founder of Adalah.

We decided to ask the political analyst Walid Salem, Gershon Baskin and Hanna Siniora about people they know.

The whole meeting could last two hours: 3 times 20 minutes and 1 hour of debates. It would be good to have a musical interlude with oriental music...

We distribute the tasks between ourselves.

We need your help! If you have ideas about lecturers, places, musicians, tell us!

See you next!