Prince El Hassan bin Talal on supranational solutions

Post date: 02-Dec-2010 11:12:17

Thanks to Gershon Baskin fron IPCRI for sending this interesting interview, in which he is quoted twice by his friend the Prince of Jordan.

He mentioned Gershon about growing concerns that the Two-state solution might belong to the past, leaving only the options of a One state solution or a non-democratic Jewish state...

In this "Jewish state" he said, Netanyahu will grant only civil rights to the palestinians, while keeping national rights for Israelis only.

The most interesting, I think, is his emphasizing the need for a supranational approach, opposed to the domination of the regional super-powers: USA, Turkey, Iran and Israel. He offers Israel to "tear down the walls" and enter into supranational partnership with the Arabs, instead of leaving them marginalized.

"Supranational", he says, is above ideologues; supranational commissions are the best to solve the regional problems, like refugees, security, water (I would add environment and energy); a supranational moral authority above politics is the right tool for Jerusalem...

He calls the region "West-Asian Region", very clever indeed! Asia is the center of the world today, not the West which put us in the "Middle-East".

This broad analysis by the Prince shows that we are in the right direction:

Our Federation offers at once supranational civil rights AND national rights to both peoples; Jerusalem as the federal capital will be a supranational town, placing the Holy Sites above nationalisms and ideologies; and finally, Israel-Palestine - because it will embody a supranational sovereign - will be the best frame for supranational partnerships at the West-Asian level with Arab countries.