Frequently Asked Questions:

Why a Federation?

We, Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews, are both a part of ancient and historical nations - the Arab and the Jews.

There is no room in the modern nation-state for two different nations. Each one must have its own territory, or they have to unite into one new nation.

But in our case, both alternatives - the two state solution or the one state solution - are not possible.

Who ever heard of such a thing: a nation would be ready to share his country, his motherland, with another nation which claims exactly the same land and the same rights to self-determination?

They would draw a line between themselves (where?) and then live in peace?

Or rather both peoples would decide to disappear and merge peacefully into a single new "Israeli" or "Palestinian" nation (which one?), in the melting pot of a single state?

Fairy tales!

One single Land, and two Peoples who are entitled to their independence: the solution is for them to enter a Covenant in which they recognize the same sovereign and entrust him the Land.

In statehood terms, this solution can only take the shape of a special kind of federal state: it is a supranational sovereign ruling on both peoples, each one managing its own national life, but both subject to the Constitution, which imposes on them reciprocity and fair sharing of Natural Resources.

What is the Federation of Israel-Palestine?

It is a federal state - like Switzerland, Germany, Russia, and many others; it is binational and bilingual like Belgium; it is supranational like Europe - though Europe is still not a real sovereign federation; it is a state composed of other states, like USA; it is different from the others, like every federation in the world is different, having to answer a specific historical situation.

It is two states in one, which are three states for two peoples in one land: one federal state applies its supranational sovereignty on the undivided land and over two non-territorial nation-states.

Jerusalem-Alquds will remain open and united in its own federal district, it wil be capital of Israel-Palestine and capital of the two nation-states

How does it work?

No more walls: the states of Israel and Palestine are independent and rule on their own citizens personally; so, every citizen may live wherever he wants, and vote yet for his own national parliament.

No more danger of territorial conflict: the whole territory belongs to the supranational Federation.

No more demographic problem: the federal government and parliament are composed on a 50/50 parity.

The Right of Return of Palestinian refugees and the Israeli Law of Return are implemented by the respective national governments in the administrative districts under their responsibility.

Security: joint federal Forces of Defense and Federal Police protect the Federation from external foes and internal extremists

Wouldn't it be better to have a sovereign Palestinian state before?

The answer is coming soon.

What is the difference between federation and confederation?

According to Wikipedia "Confederation vs federation" a confederation is a treaty between sovereign states, while a federation is a sovereign state by itself; membership of the member states in a confederation is voluntary, while the membership in a federation is not.

It means that in order to create an Israeli-Palestinian confederation, the "two state solution" has to be implemented first. We are trying already 20 years! Moreover, if there are two states willing to accept a third government, it means that they are already in peace! If so, who needs a confederal superstructure? And the confederal mechanism - being devoid of any sovereignty - will have no power to solve any of the core issues of the conflict: borders, refugees, Jerusalem, security, demographic danger... The all issue of Confederation is a delusion and a nonsense.

On the contrary, the Federation is a sovereign state which is by itself the settlement of the final issues; its acceptance is the agreement on the final status. Once agreed upon by the majority in both people, there is no more need for negotiations or for a "peace process". All core issues are solved. We have built peace!

How can we prevent one people to dominate the other?

The answer is coming soon.

How do we create the political change?

The answer is coming soon.

What about religion?

The answer is coming soon.

What about Zionism?

The answer is coming soon.

Shoudn't we call the Land by its first name "Canaan"?

From where do we know that this land was called Canaan? From the Bible.

According to the Bible, and then the Koran, Canaanites were pagans who sacrificed their children to their gods. That is why - according to our traditions - their land had been given by History (or by the God-of-History and Existence, according to one's beliefs and understanding) to the Israelites, then to Christians and Muslim Arabs.

Canaan has disappeared from the stage of History, we are not going to bring it back!

Each of our peoples call the land by a different name: "Eretz Israel" or "Palestine". It is not a problem, I think, on the condition that we stop unholy wars for the Holy Land and if we succeed to neutralize religious radicalism on both sides.

That is what the Federation is meant to do: by consigning the land and the sovereignty in the hands of the supranational federation, we'll severe Religion from Nationalism and we'll enforce peace.

For our living Abrahamic cultures, not the past give one a right to live on this holy land, but what one do or is going to do on the Land: is he going to be a "blessing for all the Nations", or not?

To whom the Land belongs?

The answer is coming soon.

Who is to be blamed for the situation?

The answer is coming soon.

How are we going to reconciliate?

The answer is coming soon.