Ra'am-Ta'al has adopted our program!

Post date: 03-Nov-2012 19:00:19

Great news!

Less than one year after Kamal Nawash and I met the head of Ra'am-Ta'al, Sheikh Ibrahim Sarsur, and told him about our federal model. He told us that he will speak about the federal solution to the party. He dit it!

The party has adopted the Federation in its platform!

"The joint Arab party list, Ra'am-Ta'al, has changed its party platform "due to the failure of the two-state solution."

After calling for years for a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the party now calls for a democratic bi-national state as the solution to the conflict, which would fulfill the right to self-determination of both peoples, including the right of return for Palestinian and Jewish refugees who want to return and with Jerusalem as its capital. Maariv noted that adopting a bi-national state solution is against the Parties Law, according to which, no party can negate Israel's existence as a Jewish and democratic state."


It is clear for us that a Jewish-Arab federation will be much more Jewish than the State of Israel in its present form.

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Yehuda Schwartz