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Why You Should Support Holy Land Union

It is clear today to most Israelis and Palestinians that the "two-state solution" is not applicable, that it can not solve any of the core problems, and would even lead to war.

It is equally obvious that a one-state solution is not an option either. In a unitary state - one state for one nation - demography will be an explosive issue, and the two nations will be in open conflict to impose their identity on the other.

The existence - even at the embryonic stage - of a sustainable third alternative is a vital necessity. Without such a vision for their future, both sides could sink into despair. There is nothing more dangerous. An explosion of unprecedented violence may inflame the Middle East and the rest of the world.

We, in Brit Amim, are the only ones who defend the right to self-determination of both peoples in one country, thanks to this unique federal alternative, the Holy Land Union.

The current political parties, on both sides, are prisoners of their ideology, of their past, and are unable to "think outside the box." And none gathers - like we do - Arabs and Jews , Israelis and Palestinians, from Israel and the Palestinian territories, Arabs and Jews, secular and orthodox people, settlers, leftists and rightists, all working together to achieve the common goal.

We are forced to create a movement from scratch. This movement has to make a revolution in people's minds. It is a huge effort. We have no help from anyone else, only the one that you will grant us. We are counting on you.